What ERP system do tech companies use?

Information technology has offered a latest software solution and that is Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP). For example a company or an enterprise that runs with Workforce, raw materials, knowledge, statistics and much more, needs a consolidate database to keep track and store data.

There are different type of Enterprise Resource Planning designed according to company’s requirement like Finance, Human Resource and Marketing. You need to choose and implement the right ERP which will help your company and business. Most of the Tech companies use SAP because of its flexibility and can be easily integrated with other business modules. SAP can be customised according to your business requirements. You can also tailor your ERP internally.

The following is the list of tech companies and its corresponding ERP’s

1) HewlettPackard – Oracle Netsuite.

2) Apple – SAP

3) Cisco – Oracle 11i

4) Cocoa Cola Foundation – Oracle Netsuite.

5) Genesys – Oracle NetSuite.

6) IBM – OpenPro

7) Honeywell – SAP

8) Infosys – Infosys ERP cloud solution

9) Google – Oracle EBS

10)GE – Oracle EBS

11) PoepleSoft – Oracle EBS12) JD Edwards – Oracle EBS

Some tech companies like Seagate, Prodapt uses ERP cloud developed by Ramco Systems which helps to perform multiple task on single software and can be accessed from any place.

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